“Whether you’re seven or a hundred, you can play the game on a level playing field. It’s a great way to spend a couple hours, an evening or a day with friends and family. It offers a truly social, Club Life experience.”

Janet Langevin,
   Lawn Bowling Coordinator


The Cricket Club boasts greater Toronto’s best lawn bowling facility. With eight manicured greens, sun screens for daytime play, a lighting system for evening play, and two Level One instructors on staff for private or group instruction, members are able to take full advantage of the facilities at their leisure. Though strategic and challenging, lawn bowling at the Cricket Club is a social activity that is meant to be enjoyed by all members of the family regardless of age or experience.

  • Eight Greens

  • Best Manicured Greens in the GTA

  • Two Lawn Bowling Chalets

  • Sun Screens For Day Bowling

  • Full Lighting System for Evening Bowling

  • Six Invitational Tournaments

  • Available for All Ages

  • Weekly League Play

  • Group and Private Lessons

  • Private Corporate Events

Meet our Lawn Bowling Coordinator

Janet Langevin
Lawn Bowling Coordinator

Seasonal Membership

The Seasonal Lawn Bowling Membership enables individuals to have the opportunity to experience the Lawn Bowling facilities at the Toronto Cricket Skating and Curling Club on a seasonal basis.

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